Oman Oil Marketing Company Delivers One-stop Experience With Upgraded Customer Care Center

Bureau23-10-2017, 11:11 PM

Oman Oil Marketing Company has transformed its Customer Care Service into a modernized Customer Care Center. Offering a host of streamlined services to operators, customers and service station owners, the center will oversee fuel orders, delivery inquiries, customer feedback and much more.  

Sulyum Al Hamazy, Customer Care Manager, “The improved Customer Care Center will deliver a one-stop experience that leverages our nationwide supply chain to exceed the expectations of all customers. This milestone unites our expertise in service excellence under one roof, facilitating greater convenience and enhanced communications with our valued customers across Oman.”

Al Hamazy went on to explain how its re-aligned communications network will result in a more efficient service- offering for its commercial partners. In turn, this will allow the company to build on the valuable received feedback from the customers for the purpose of improving services on the ground.

As one of the Sultanate’s leading homegrown brands, Oman Oil Marketing Company prides itself on being a leading fuel distributor to thousands of customers each and every day. With service stations in every corner of the nation, the company’s strong dedication to benchmarking excellence has led to a number of augmented services over the past year, including the addition of two-sided fuel dispensers and the unique E-Fill service.


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