Students Graduate From OOCEP Intern Programme

Bureau25-09-2017, 04:06 AM

Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production (OOCEP), celebrated the graduation of 29 students on 7 September. The internship program ran for 8 weeks and comprised fresh graduates and final year students from local and international universities and colleges.

The OOCEP internship program was specifically designed to introduce participants to basic knowledge about the Oil and Gas sector, which is considered one of the most important economic sectors for the Sultanate. In addition, they were introduced to the most modern technologies that OOCEP have begun implementing in its day-to-day operations as well as available opportunities in the sector as a whole. Students were also provided with training in personal and professional skills allowing them to capitalise on new opportunities and succeed in their careers. The latter part of the training program was handled by a team of experts from Oman Sail, who also collaborated with OOCEP with the planning and organisation of the program.

Commenting on the importance of preparing the next generation for satisfying and successful careers, Ashraf bin Hamad Al Maamari, Director of Corporate affairs at OOCEP noted, “Initiatives such as these place students face-to-face with the future challenges they may face when at work. This experience complements the theoretical subjects they cover during their studies, and helps make them productive right from the very first day of their careers. Over the course of the last eight weeks, the participants were provided with very practical experience by OOCEP staff, at the head office, as well as our various project sites. This practical hands-on approach helped the students gain a better understanding of the work and technologies in place at the company. I am confident that, with the knowledge they have gained, they will be able to prove their capabilities and showcase excellence in their future work.”

Commenting on the role of Oman Sail in the program, Khamis bin Mohammed Al Anbouri, Manager of Personal and Professional Skills Development Program in Oman Sail said, “As part of the training course, the students participated in a two-day interactive workshop, provided by Oman Sail’s personal and professional skills development team, in order to prepare them for when they begin their careers. The participants were able to identify their career paths and pass job interviews with confidence while also learning about effective communication methods with team members and the ability to build relations and solve problems in a work environment.”

The graduation ceremony included presentations delivered by each participant showcasing the skills and knowledge they gained from the training they received and the projects they completed. A popularity vote from the attendees of the event evaluated the presentations and selected the best. All participants were presented with accredited certificates from OOCEP confirming that they had successfully passed the training program


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