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Oommen John P07-08-2018, 04:01 AM

Oman Oil Marketing Company is expanding its footprint in the region and other international markets. The company will operate its first service station in KSA this year and explore new opportunities in other countries while targeting sustainability, says David Kalife, CEO, in an interview with Oommen John P


Can you share details of Oman Oil Marketing Company's retail business? Has the growth been better than the first six months of the previous year?


Oman Oil Marketing Company is leading the sector in terms of volume growth as the first half of 2018 has been very positive with sales growth of 23 per cent compared to same period last year. The total sales value is reported at RO301.18 million, with an increase of RO55.5 million against the sales of RO245.719 million as of June 2017. This growth was supported by the increase in fuel prices, the opening of new service stations and active marketing campaigns generating more sales volume. Company profit has been much impacted following the move to the new terminal in Jiffnain and changes in the marketers’ margin.


How may new fuel stations are being planned in 2018?

The company is strategically focussed on the qualitative development of its retail network by introducing premium sites with modern concepts and innovations. This is an initiative to meet our customer needs, develop insights and inform about our value propositions.


In 2018, we crossed 200 service stations across Oman as we inaugurated five service stations since the beginning of the year which are Al Rusail service station on Muscat Expressway, Al Khumaila twin service station in Bahla, Manah Road service station in Manah, Al Saada Mid service station in Salalah and Hey Al Sarah service station in Rustaq.  Furthermore, there are 9 service stations under construction so far in different regions.


What are the expansion plans in the year ahead?

We are always targeting quality growth when it comes to our retail network expansion. We are successfully developing our sales in all segments of lubricants and in new countries like Kenya, Qatar and Bahrain. In Aviation, we have been awarded the tender of Oman Air for two years. In Commercial, we are partnering with CC Energy and development and National Drilling Company; we have also innovated while offering new solutions like mobile containers and more to be offered soon.


Is the company foraying into newer segments in Oman and overseas markets?

We are expanding our footprint in the region and reach onto other international markets. We will operate our first service station in KSA this year and explore new opportunities in other countries while targeting sustainability always for the good of our shareholders, customers and colleagues. Carrying proudly the name of the Sultanate also means more duties towards all: we define OOMCO as a responsible marketer.


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